Awards and Accolades

While customer fulfillment is the first and best grade of a fruitful undertaking, we are profoundly respected at whatever point our industry peers and different associates set aside the effort to perceive our work. We are glad to share the accompanying distinctions and grants as we acclaim and praise the endeavors of all who added to these accomplishments.
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Quality in Business Certification

The Quality in Business Certification is an independent, third-party evaluation program. It is the only global assessment methodology and business certification standard designed to highlight participating organizations commitment to innovation, continuous improvement and adherence to global best business practices. 
The Quality in Business Standard includes 16 key functions, 96 core criteria and 249 compliance indicators. The entire Quality in Business Standard is reviewed and updated a minimum of once per calendar year. 
To guarantee the quality of the program, each assessment is reviewed by an independent auditor prior to issuance of a Quality in Business Certificate. 
A Quality in Business Certification from the International Trade Council attests to your organization’s adoption of global best business practices and provides assurance to potential customers and suppliers of your integrity and reliability. 
Silk Container Lines Ltd - Quality in Business Certification
Silk Container Lines Ltd - Globalia Membership

Certificate of Globalia Membership

In addition to the high admission standards for members, what makes Globalia Logistics Network (GLOBALIA) different is what we call “disciplined cooperation”. Every member in our network has agreed to adhere to our rules, and to report any breaches of the said rules by other members to Globalia Head Office. Any member which fails to adhere to the rules is expelled from the network and replaced by the next best-qualified applicant on the waiting list for that territory.